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Happy New Year!

Thanks for your wonderful hospitality!  Ya'll really made us feel special in every way.  The memories we take with us will be our private gems!  Ya'll are ammazing at this - truly the best!  

The Hazen Family
January, 2014

kayaking       SCUBA  

  New Year's Eve


Capt. Chris & Chef Julie,
Thank you so much for an AWESOME week!  It went by way to fast!  Sailing from island to island was so much fun, but I'd have to say tubing was the best! I am going to miss your cooking immensly, especially your french toast!!  The nights went by so fast becoming admiral in every game of Chicken Foot!  From Michael Beans, to snorkeling, to our letter game, this tri was perfect!  These memories will last forever!  See you in a year! :)  
Love CAPTAIN Alexis


"WADER"....as the American representatives, we reject the motion to pronunce the "T".  
The Good, The Bad, The Schwabby

Dear Chris & Julie,
Thank you for a wonderful week.  Everything was so awesome and spectacular!  The food was delicious and Capt'n did a great job navigating.  I will miss you guys so much!!


Thank you for an amazing week!  It was the best!  It went by so fast!  There were so many funny things like "333, wader, chicken foot, BS Crazy 8's, sailing, etc."  Thanks for teaching me how to tie all of those knts.  Thanks for teaching me how to tie the knot without letting go of the ends...I won't tell anyone.

The Real Admiral - Dylan


Thank you so much for an unforgettable week!  There were so many good memories, and I hope ya'll never forget us.  Free hundred fifty free (333), chicken foot, sailing, trying to talk in British and American accents, wader, and don't forget tubing!  I'm the real Admiral so don't be fooled by Alexis.  Thank you for all the wonderful food Chef Julie. :)  Captain Chris we will ALWAYS LOVE YOUR ACCENT!

Never forget...Admiral Hampton

We had a fabulous time.  Thank you fr a trip of a life-time fr us and ur children.  
May all your dreams come true! 
Michele & Paul

March, 2013

Jumping Alexis     Jumping     Jumping

 Jumping     jumping    


Capt. Chris & Julie,
I truly don't have the words to describe how perfect our trip with you has been.  You were gracious hosts with a lovely "home."  I do not see how we would ever book another boat, as there is no way any other boat/crew can compare.  Just know that we will be practicing our "chicken foot" skills at home, and be ready for you the next time.  We are truly blessed to know you. 

The Smiths & Grace


Thank you so much for making my senior spring break trip amazing!  I honestly don't think I could thank ya'll enough.  Ya'll dealt with my strange eating habits and the food was amazing (especially the brownies).  I don't think I will ever have as much fun as I did on this trip ever again.  Also thank you for teaching the Queen of Chicken Foot how to play the game again!  I will never forget this trip, Thanks again!
(a.k.a. Schwabby/Queen)


Thank y'all so much for everything and making this the best spring break ever!  I had so much fun hiking, tubing, swimming, and sailing!  Capt. Chris thank you for getting the guitar out for me, I'll keep practicing so next time I'll be even better!  JuJu, thanks for the best food I've ever put in my mouth and cleaning my messy room! :)  Y'all made every day special, and y'all never failed to make me smile. :) I wish you both the best!  Thanks again! God Bless, Keevie (15)  
P.S.  AArrr DD Arrr

March, 2013

  The Willy T's     Playing guitar  

Saba Rock

Monsters in Paradise

Julie & Chris, (and of course Natalie)
To create paradise takes a number of key elements - sublime location, a beautiful boat, expert knowledge, delicious food & fabulous care and company.  Our trip on Felicia gave us all of that.  Your professionalism, your attention to detail and your desire to make all of our "dreams" come true is beyond.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful world & experience with our "motley" crew.  This magical experience will stay with us forever. Thanks & friendship always until we meet again.

Dan, Carole, Amanda, Marinca + 6 "monsters"
June, 2012
The Grenadines & Tobago Cays


Chris & Julie - 4th times a charm!  
Had the BEST birthday week ever.  
So sad to have to leave.  
Felicia Rocks!
Could stay here longer, but my clothes wouldn't fit!  Everything was wnderful.  
Looking forward to coming back again soon.  
We'll miss you both and especially the cocktails!  
See you soon!

April, 2012

Birthday Girl

A Sailing Poet...

Thanks to two special people for a wonderful trip.

                            J - is for Jolly...a happy kind soul
                            U - is for Understanding & a heart of gold
                            L  - is for Laughter, you're lots of fun
                            I - is for Interesting, you outshine the sun
                            E - is for Energetic, a great chef that's true

                            These are the qualities I love about you!!!

                            C - is for our Captain & Cribbage champ for sure
                            H - is for Happy who made us laugh more
                            R - is for Reliable, you know what to do
                            I - is for Intelligent & a great bartender too
                            S - is for Sailor & Super Spouse that's true

                            These are the qualities I love about you!!!

written by....Sue
May, 2011 
St. Martin - St. Barth's....VIN ROUGE S'IL VOUS PLAIT!

Julie and Chris-

Oh....we are back to reality!  It is amazing how much piles up while we are away, but as always it is good to be home- especially to give Ollie a hug when we come through the door.  I know you know how sweet that can be.....We had a fabulous time and are so glad to have experienced Felicia.  It is so nice of you to send the recipes, which I know will bring us right back to the West Indies when I make them here at home.  Thank you, thank you and good luck with the remainder of your charters and hope that your time in France is productive and relaxing for both of you.  The house looks amazing with all your hard work. Enjoy a glass- or two!- of Rose for us.

All the best,
Jim and Lauren

* * *

Julie & Chris,

We had a fantastic time with you guys and were so happy to see you and your new "wide girl"...she is beautiful!  It was tough to leave the boat for our....last few days on St. Barths.  Hope your final charters in the BVI's go well!

Chuck & Nancy
May, 2011

Fry-Prickly Pear       Yacht Felicia kayaking

Fry-Felicia        Fry-StBarths  

*  *  *

Never Forget!

To Julie and Chris -
Thank you so much for making this vacation so special!  Julie: your cooking is amazing! Every single meal was delicious! Chris: Thank you for being such a great captain!  I definitely felt super safe w/you as our captain.  Your boat is beautiful & if I were ever to live on a boat, I would want it to be this one.  So clean and spacious & beautiful!  I'm sure all teh other boaters are jealous :)!  Thank you again for making this the best vacation of my life!  Everywhere we went was so special & beautiful.  I will never forget Felicia & the BVI.  
April, 2011


Thanks so much Julie and Chris!  We are going to get stuck into those Painkillers this summer!!  Thanks for sending the DVD up to us!  I can't wait to see it and Chelsea and Phoebe really want to show it to their class!  Very cute!

We had an absolutely AMAZING time on Felicia.  Thank you so much for everything!  You guys are the best!  Chelsea and Phoebe are BEGGING us to go back next year -- so we will have to see if we can make that happen.

Anna (& Dean, Chelsea and Phoebe)
March, 2011

Backer-felicia  Backer-Beck-families  Backer-tubing

Backer-captain   Backer-birthday  Backer-kayak   
   Backer-sunset     Backer-jump1    Backer-girls  

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Chris & Julie,
Thanks for the trip of a lifetime. What beauty you have shown us. Your hospitality was the best ever, man...what a cook, Ms. Julie.
Sheila & John

Chris & Julie,
Thank you so much for a trip of a lifetime.  You helped make our 10 year anniversary more than I could have ever dreamed.  The food and drinks were "out of this world"!  Motion sickness is a "thing of the past".   I am sure the captain had a lot to do with it!!  Thanks again for your friendship. 
We look forward to returning to Felicia soon...Many more happy sails.
Love ya!  CC & Joey
February, 2011

                    Havens-felicia deck               Havens - Felicia - lobster      

Havens - Felicia - Saba Rock          Havens - Felicia - Ladies

*  *  *  


 Dear Julie & Chris....our trip home was easy...but I am still rocking a bit especially after taking the train to Washington D.C. today to see a friend. We had a great time in the BVIs and miss it already. Even with the short stay it was magical. Next time for sure we want to do 7 or 8 days so we can get out to Anegada and some remote little coves and such!


January, 2011

Aronson3  Aronson5

Aronson6           Aronson8

Aronson1  Aronson4

*  *  *


Dearest Chris & Julie:
Definitely this has been by far the best ever sailing experience Flavia & I have had in all senses:  the crew unforgetable!  The boat outstanding, the scenery just perfect, the sailing incomparable, the food marvelous and especially the care on Flavia's eating requirements was really appreciated for a whole spectacular trip where we made a new and very special friends which we hope to see again soon.  

March, 2010

Barberi2     Barberi3  
Barberi6     Barberi8

Barberi-Vanny     Barberi-carmenza-solarized     Barberi-Juan

Barberi-transom-men       Barberi-transom-ladies


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New Year's Eve in the BVI! 

 We can't put into words what an amazing time we have had.  Fell in love with beauty and relaxed charm of BVI, but it was the knowledge of the skipper and the hospitality and charm (not to mention fantastic cuisine) of the "Galley Slaves" that made is such a special New Years experience.  

We thought the week in the BVI on FELICIA exceeded all expectations. Chris was undoubtably not only a skipper who knew how to master the yacht, but had an intimate knowledge of the islands and reefs. Julie was a great cook, utterly charming and all our children adored her and the 'mate' Kris.

All in all, a fantastic experience, the yacht and crew were brilliant!

Thank You!!!

Grahame & Remony, Josie, Bob, Alex, Henry "rum" Micklem (thank you for teaching me how to waterski!!,) Alex & Miranda, a.k.a. Scoopy
December, 2009 - January, 2010

     Sail Yacht Felicia - guest page Sail yacht felicia - guest page
Sail Yacht Felicia - guest page Sail Yacht Felicia - guest page Sail Yacht Felicia - guest page    

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Dear Julie and Chris,

Thanks so much for a wonderful vacation - it was the best ever and I smile every time I think of the wonderful week. I loved being on Felicia and will definitely do it again. You both made the experience unforgettable and were such great hosts.

I love some of the pictures you took and can't wait to see the others.   I'll keep in touch. I'd rather be on Felicia than in Florida.

Nov, 2009

Sail Yacht Felicia - guest page  Walsh2    Walsh3


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Found my Shagrika!  

Awesome trip - better check our cabin and make sure we really left!  

Thank you so much - Carol & Harv

Captain Ron...Rule #234, please be careful of how much alcohol you feed the animals!  
Had a great time with you and the team!  

Thanks Brian and Suz
December, 2008
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